About Us

ADL-US.com is the US Distributor (RLI Distribution) for Alpha Design Labs (ADL) based in Japan. If you need to reach the ADL Japan main website please visit: www.adl-av.com

ADL (Alpha Design Labs) is very proud of its worldwide reputation for innovative engineering, extraordinary build quality and sonic performance. Originally launched as an entry-level line for Furutech, ADL has now evolved into a genuine leader in cutting-edge technology with its current line of components and cables. Using Furutech’s Pure Transmission Technology as the foundation for these carefully engineered and innovative products, ADL has achieved a level of performance that has been previously unavailable at this price point. 
The Pure Transmission process focuses on one objective: to deliver a pure, open and quick sound that is preserved throughout the entire signal chain–all the way to the speakers or headphones. As a result, ADL components possess a greater sense of dynamics, power and resolution. By maintaining this focus on preserving the signal every step of the way, Pure Transmission Technology accomplishes the following: 
·         Cleaner, blacker backgrounds 
·         Large, more stable reproduction of the soundstage 
·         Low noise 
·         Vivid tonal colors 
·         Deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range 
·         Refined and delicate micro-dynamics and macro-dynamics 
·         Total resonance control 
Adding more ADL components to the playback chain—including our full line of portable headphone amplifiers, DACs, headphones and cables—will increase the sonic advantages you’ll experience from Pure Transmission Technology. 
While ADL continues to push the envelope in terms of ultimate sonic performance, the company also remembers its original objectives—to design cutting-edge products that are exceptional in their portability, user interface and performance. Through quality materials, outstanding product build and a classic Japanese sense of function and sophistication, ADL has easily surpassed these goals.